LiDAR VR Viewer

googleplay“LiDAR VR Viewer” is an Android application freely available on the Google Play Store which dives the user into a virtual reality made of 3D point clouds surfaces. It stands as an affordable VR experience with the use of simple head-mounted displays such as Google cardboard while offering a possible navigation into the data by the mean of a bluetooth controller.

UPDATE:  3D point clouds can now be rendered as spheres or surfels


3D surface model of trees

Departing from traditional tree models made of cylinders (in green), sharper models (in blue) can be computed. Expressed as a continuous surface, they describe the shape better and allow to assess precisely the tree properties.

The 3D samples and the surface model of a tropical tree can be visualize here


An easy way to enhance colored point cloud rendering

1 – Load a colored point cloud in CloudCompare

2 – Use its PCV plugin to compute the ambient occlusion of the point cloud. Save the resulting point cloud as a ASCII file.

3 – Use the following command to apply the ambient occlusion to the RGB values :

awk ‘{ print $1 ” ” $2 ” ” $3 ” ” int($4*$7) ” ” int($5*$7) ” ” int($6*$7) }’ >>