Non photo-realistic rendering with OpenGL ES


Inspired by the EDL shading technique and SSAO, I implemented a new shader for OpenGL ES designed to enhance the rendering of point clouds. As the shading function rely only on the projected depth, and because the variable gl_FragDepth is missing in OpenGL ES, a workaround was to implement a custom depth buffer using a frameBuffer object.

In practice, the multi-pass rendering is done in 2 steps:

  1. Create a new frameBuffer and render the scene as usual with this new frameBuffer bound as the active one.
  2. Bind to the default frameBuffer, then draw a quad that spans the entire screen with the new frameBuffer’s color buffer as its texture.

(See for more details)

This shading functions is available as an experimental feature in Lidar VR Viewer.

My final algorithm is inspired by this one

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